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Which nozzles are the best?

Of course, the one that is most effective. The Mescomp company has over 200 types of nozzles in continuous sale, and farmers most often ask for a universal nozzle. After all, if this were the case, all producers would produce only this one. In every field, universal means average. Of course, in the case of small farms, you can compromise and choose an average nozzle. However, if you spend over 3,000 EUR on agricultural chemicals per year, you should consider purchasing specialized nozzles that will ensure the highest efficiency in the most difficult conditions. It is worth taking advantage of individual advice. If you decide to buy nozzles in our company - this advice is free of chrge. The choice of a specific type of nozzles depends not only on the type of spraying (herbicide, fungicide, zoocide) but also on the type of plant, its growth phase, prevailing weather conditions and even the driving speed of the sprayer. With a well-chosen nozzle, it is not about savings resulting from the possibility of reducing the dose. It's about something bigger. Effective treatment is to control the pest and weeds that prevent their regrowth. With wrongly selected nozzles, the treatment should be repeated often - if not immediately, then after some time. The cost of repeating an unsuccessful spraying is most often greater than the purchase price of a new set of specialized nozzles.

What materials are the best nozzles?

Here there is no simple answer. Ceramic nozzles are the most wear-resistant. Hardened steel nozzles have a longer service life than polymer nozzles, are very resistant to impact, but very expensive to produce. however, they are often used in lower-quality sprayers, where the boom may hit the ground and damage nozzles made of other materials. Polymer nozzles are the least durable and generally the cheapest. What to decide? it is rather unjustified, although it is acceptable in individual cases. In large farms, we recommend the use of nozzles that are much more durable than polymers, but we also often sell specialist polymer nozzles, which are replaced with new ones after 1500 ha of one spraying treatment, and it is also economically justified. we encourage you to take advantage of individual advice.

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