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Control units

Due to the difficulties in accesing electric Tecomec units, we temporarily sell them only in sets with computers or control panels.

What should I know before choosing a units?

Mescomp offers units only from reputable companies: Braglia, Tecomec, Arag. What are the differences between the products of these manufacturers and what you need to pay attention to. 

1. Valve opening / closing time. Because on the websites of other sellers we found data that differed from the catalog data, our engineers - using electronic devices with a resolution of 0.01 s - decided to test this parameter. The results of the study of the times of full opening and closing of section valves were surprising. Well, for the nominal supply voltage of 12 V, the Braglia valves were the fastest with a time of 0.7 s. The second place was taken by Tecomec valves with a time of 1.0 s, while the slowest in operation were the Arag valves with an average time of 1.16 s. Of course, these are full operating times for the opening and closing motor of the liquid flow, which allows the comparison of individual valves. In fact, the water - albeit with a partial flow - will begin to flow a little faster when the valve is only partially open.

2. Valve body. Valves can be made of composites - then they have very high strength, stiffness and thermal stability, or made of plastic. 

3. Liquid shut-off element. The shut-off element can be made in the form of a ball made of AISI 316 Inox steel, sealed with graphite Teflon, or have the shape of a rubber mushroom pressed against a plastic tip. Users often confuse AISI 304 stainless steel with AISI 316 Inox steel, and only acid-resistant steel is completely resistant to all chemicals used in agriculture. Elements of Braglia valves are made of AISI 316 Inox steel. Elements of Tecomec and Arag valves are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. 

4. Gear. In all Mescomp valves, the liquid shut-off elements use modern 12 V DC electric motors that control the shut-off element by means of a gear. The Braglia and Tecomec valves are equipped with a planetary gear, while on the Arag valves the poppet moves by screwing the nut onto the threaded rod. 

The features of offered valves are summarized in the table below

Full open timeComposite bodyINOX ballPlanetary gear
Braglia 0,7 s

Tecomec 1,0 s



Arag 1,16 s




Units designed to work with a computer include a flow meter in their set. Mescomp offers four types of flow meters. How do they differ and which one should you choose? 

1. Arag Wolf Flowmeter. It is the cheapest. The measuring element is a turbine. Both the turbine and the roller rotating in the housing bore are made of plastic. 

2. Tecomec flow meter. The measuring element is a stainless steel turbine ending with cones embedded in a hard stone bearing. 

3. Polmac flow meter. The measuring element is a stainless steel turbine ended with cones embedded in a ceramic or hard stone bearing. 

4. The Orion flow meter by Arag. It is the most expensive electromagnetic flow meter with no moving parts. The advantage is the insensitivity of the indications to the RSM density. Electronics are resin-filled and non-repairable. In case of failure, the flow meter must be replaced with a new one.

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