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What should you know before choosing a computer for your sprayer?

Mescomp offers computers from the following companies: Mescomp, Rauer and Tecomec. What, apart from the price, are the differences between the products of these manufacturers and what you should pay attention to when choosing them. Certainly, the most important are the quality of the components used, workmanship and access to the manufacturer's authorized service. It is also worth checking how they fared against the competition in professionally performed tests.

Mescomp computers are proven devices manufactured since 2001. Thanks to the use of modern components in their production, it was possible to fit in one housing both the display and all the control elements of the sprayer. The computer is located in the tractor cabin and therefore it is less exposed to environmental factors than the devices whose executive modules are installed on the sprayer. Mescomp provides express service for its computers. Regardless of the extent of the damage, we offer a repair while you wait. Repair means replacing only the damaged element, not, as is often the case with our competitors, the costly replacement of the entire motherboard with a damaged element. In addition, in Mescomp computers - as befits the highest quality products - in the plugs connecting the computer with a multi-core cable, we use expensive, but very resistant to environmental factors, gold-plated pins. The connection cable is protected with polyurethane insulation - flexible up to - 20 degrees Celsius, resistant to cuts, bites, UV radiation, oil and gasoline. The electronics of Mescomp computers are perfectly protected by a housing made of die-cast aluminum. Our first computers from 2001 are still working and are being serviced by us.

Rauer computers, like Mescomp computers, are placed in a single housing installed in the tractor cabin, which definitely makes them more resistant to weather-related damage. Unlike most imported computers for sprayers, Rauer has an authorized factory service in Poland. Rauer, present on the Polish market since 2018, continues to offer its products at a very good price.

Geosytem computers have a modular structure. Executive modules are placed directly on the sprayer. In the event of a failure of such a module, it can be easily replaced with a new, working one. This is convenient, but it is associated with high costs, because the modules are flooded with resin and cannot be repaired.