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Field pumps

Mescomp is the official importer of Bertolini pumps in Poland and services pumps purchased from the official Mescomp sales network. We do not service pumps purchased outside of the official Mescomp import. To ensure an authorized service and access to original spare parts, check before buying that the pump comes from the official Mescomp sales network, tel. ++ 48 601 58 00 11,

Currently, most sprayer manufacturers in Europe install Italian sprayer pumps in their machines. There are several large-scale pump manufacturers around the world who supply them to sprayer manufacturers. Bertolini, a company with over 100 years of tradition, is distinguished by the quality of the materials used and innovative technology. 

Unlike other good manufacturers that use stainless steel pumps for the production of pumps, Bertolini uses AISI 316 Inox steel. Therefore, Poly pumps are the only ones that are completely resistant to all chemicals used in agriculture, such as phosphoric acid, slaked lime and any mixtures of plant protection agents additionally included in uncontrolled chemical reactions.

Most manufacturers of sprayer pumps protect metal heads and collectors against aggressive liquids, using a technologically simple - similar to powder coating - method of coating with a thin layer of plastic. The applied plastic is not very resistant to scratches and impacts. It can be damaged by sucking in metal parts of the suction filter or damaged valves of the pump itself. Even a small scratch of the protective coating causes it to peel off and quickly crumble the head and perforate the collectors. 

Bertolini protects the head with a double injection method. First, a metal core is injected, then a second, more than 10 mm thick, injection of polypropylene is made on the core. 

That is why Bertolini pumps are characterized by the highest reliability and durability. They are the only ones suitable for both spraying and soil fertilization.