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Field and orchard sprayers

You think sprayer - you say Mescomp.

Mescomp sprayers, together with the Italian company Caffini appreciated on the world markets, have been designed for particularly demanding customers who are not satisfied with the devices mass produced by huge corporations offering every type of agricultural machine. After all, if you train cycling, you do not buy a bicycle from a manufacturer of skateboards, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and a few other types of vehicles, but you buy it from a company that has focused on the production of bicycles, has contact with the best riders and has achieved championship in what it does.

It is the Mescomp company, the producer of electronics for agricultural machines, supported by the mechanical technology of Caffini, which is this type of company focused on one product - in our case, a sprayer - after a tractor, the most important machine in every farm. We go against the current trends and produce machines of exceptional durability and reliability. The stainless steel valves and pumps we use in the contemporary world of disposables and mediocre products are no longer used by our largest competitors. It may be hard to imagine, but our computers have withstood water flooding more than once. It was enough to dry them and they continued working. The durability of our computers does not come out of nowhere. When building them, we apply the rules applicable to the design of military equipment, which are required to last and work in the most difficult field conditions.

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